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The funereal procession

Chelsea MacMillan
1 min readJun 11, 2020


Chant the names of the deceased
Say her name
Breonna Taylor
Say her name
Breonna Taylor
Say her name
Breath in breath out
Voices in unison
A mantra, a prayer, an intercession for the soul of the departed

“Hands up
Don’t shoot”
Bodies move as one
Lifting arms into air
Chests open
Imagine the moment just before death
Wild, frightened eyes behind that gun
Knee on your neck as you cry out for your mama

Where is god in this moment

We march
We yell
Cries ripple through the crowd
Cries of hope and power
Of rage and anguish

We march
The granola bar in the pocket is long gone
This fasting part of the practice
The belly rumbles, but we’re fortified by something else
The invisible, pulsing energy that runs through the street
This crowd of strangers to the right and left
This knowing in our hearts
This knowing that life is here
That life is rising from this death



Chelsea MacMillan

Spiritual director and sacred activist. My favorite thing to do is ask questions.